What do you Seek?

Desire for God

The Virtue of Faith

Faith/Response to God

The Word of God

Divine Rev/Sac. Scrip/ Trad

Why a God?

Existence of God

What is Our Story

The Story
Original Sin & Mystery of Iniquity

Who is Jesus?


Who is the Holy Trinity

Blessed Trinity

What do Catholic Believe


Why a Church

The Church/4 Marks

Who are Saints?

Communion of Saints

Grace & Sacraments

Sacramental Economy

Catholic Worship (The Mass) 

The Mass, "Mass 101"

How to Pray

Introduction to Prayer

Church Tour

Church Tour

Dignity of Humanity

Introduction to Christian Moral Life

14-Week Catechumenate, 3-Part Repeating "Doctrine Cycle"


Doctrine Cycle A

Doctrine Cycle B

Doctrine Cycle C


Introduction to the Creed

Holy Spirit




Blessed Virgin Mary

Sacred Scripture


God the Father


Mystical Body of Christ


The Son of God

Paschal Mystery (1)

The Story


The Kingdom of God


The Second Coming


Four Last Things

Eucharist 1

Liturgical Prayer




Eucharist 2


Sacramental Living


Vocations: God's Call


Holy Orders/Anointing of Sick

Mercy and Justice

Mercy and Justice


Freedom in Christ

Salvation and Redemption

Virtue of Hope


Priesthood of Faithful and Evangelization

Social Teachings

Cardinal Virtues +


Virtue of Faith

First Three Commandments

Two Great Commandments


Justification and Merit

Last Seven Commandments

The Battle of Prayer


Traditions of Prayer

Lord's Prayer

Adoration/ Rosary & Devotions

RCIA Session Format (Catechumenate)

  Gather (Refreshments & Settling in) 10 Min
  Opening Prayer 5 Min
  Where are we at this moment? 5 Min
  Faith Topic 30 Min
  Break 10 Min
  Faith Topic Con't 20 Min
  Sending and Prayer (How are we going to live the Scriptures this week?) 5 Min