For three years, the Ballet Folkórico de Santa Monica has provided free classes for women and young girls who wish to participate. Our group has spread joy through its many performances across the region. They have danced on the Main Plaza at the Saint Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio, school courtyards across the city, church festivals, cultural fairs, and retirement homes—all free of charge. We celebrate community, spread joy, and entrust younger generations with the deep roots of Mexican culture through music and peformance.
The group’s first community performance was on April 24, 2021, at St. Gerard Catholic High School in San Antonio, Texas

Jalisco is Mexico!

Jalisco is a western Mexico state fringing the Pacific Ocean, known as the birthplace of the Jarabe Tapatio (hat dance) and Mariachi music. The women wear a ranchero design dress with bright and colorful ribbons– a symbol of Mexico’s indigenous culture. Mariachis or string ensembles accompany the performances. 


The Veracruz ensemble represents the vibrant gulf coastal region of Veracruz, Mexico. Their glamorous but light white attire blends Spanish colonial fashion and indigenous rituals of purification and reflects the coast’s hot and humid environment. They dance to the beautiful rhythms of Son Jarocho, folk rural music that blends Indigenous, African, Spanish, and Arabic sounds

Nuevo León is a state located in the northern part of Mexico. It is heavily influenced by European culture, as many Austrian and Czechoslovakia immigrants settled across the Nuevo León region, reaching the Texas Hill Country. The dance incorporates polka and waltz rhythms reflecting a confluence of cultures with polka-rich origins in Czechoslovakia, redova derived from cowboy and indigenous dances, and chotis rooted in Scottish dances with elegant, smooth moves. The Nuevo León team comprises 4 sets of mother-daughter duos plus seven amazing women volunteers who all enjoy working hard to bring smiles to your faces and whose honor is to keep our Mexican traditions alive.

About Sinaloa - es uno de los treinta y un estados que, junto con Ciudad de México, conforman México. Está ubicado en la región noroeste del país, limitando al norte con Sonora y Chihuahua, al este con Durango, al sur con Nayarit y al oeste con el Océano Pacifico. Culturalmente, es conocido por su música típica de banda o tambora. El traje típico surge a mediados del siglo XX y está conformado por una blusa con olan ancho y una falda con estampados de flores y franja de colores. Los colores en el traje representan el cielo, las montañas, el mar, la vida y la muerte. El estampado representa la agricultura y cada sección de la falda representa los cuartos del escudo de Sinaloa y los municipios de Culiacán, El Fuerte, Rosario, y Mazatlán.

In September 2020, the Ballet Folklórico of Santa Monica was born– a space of sisterhood and fellowship, bringing joy to our hearts. The idea of the ballet emerged with the leadership of Bertha Castellanos, who convened a meeting with women of the parish community seeking to nurture a space of trust, solidarity, and belonging during the trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic. The group initially organized two groups representing the Mexican states of Jalisco, led by Rosaba Rodriguez  and Rosi Nuno, and Veracruz, led by Tere Aguilar and Verónica A. Méndez. Today, the group has grown to include girl’s groups in the existing Jalisco and Veracruz ensembles. In September 2022, two new women’s groups were created representing the regions of Nuevo León, led by Anahi Covarrubias and Lily Hernandez,  and Sinaloa, led by Luz Tuccelli.

Nurturing intergenerational bonds and preserving cultural heritage! We welcome girls and women ages six and up. Pictured here are Aurora Méndez (left) and Maxine Lerma (right)