ACTS Retreat Overview

What is an ACTS Retreat?

An ACTS is a  four-day retreat that starts on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday with a return Mass. This retreat is designed to strengthen your Catholic faith and build community by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The retreat is put on by a team of dedicated lay people from our parish.  We ask you to prayerfully consider taking advantage of this opportunity to increase your faith by attending this retreat.

What can you expect?
An ACTS Retreat spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the intent of bringing those who attend to have a closer relationship with Jesus.  ACTS Retreats follow a format that has been developed by the ACTS Missions.  This will be a time for reflection and religious devotion that will include prayers, worship, and plenty of sisterly bonding. This retreat provides quiet time to focus on our relationship with God without the interruptions of daily life.


Who should attend?
Any Christian who seeks to deepen his or her faith in Christ is encouraged to come to the retreat.  Retreats are developed for men and women in both English and Spanish.  Teen ACTS Retreats are also held for high school aged youth and are co-ed.  These are deeply spiritual events that bring together many people from the community who share a desire to live more firmly as Followers of Christ.

What is the cost?
The cost for the retreat is dependent on the retreat center.  Meals, room, and hospitality are all included with the fee.  A deposit of half the registration is required with the registration form.  The balance will be due before you leave for the retreat center.  Keep in mind that financial difficulties should not prevent anyone from attending the retreat.  Financial assistance is available if needed.

Contact Brandon Pesqueda, ACTS Core Facilitator for more info about ACTS or upcoming retreats that may be scheduled in the future.

St. Monica ACTS Retreat Schedule

ACTS Retreats have resumed.  Check for updates.

Women's Retreat in Spanish July 13-16th 2023

Men's Retreat in English | Aug 31st - Sept 3rd 2023

For more info about these retreats or about ACTS, please contact Brandon Pesqueda at [email protected]