2020 Lent


Best Lent Ever

Preparing for Lent

Identity: Lenten Mission with Father Mike Schmitz (Monday)

The Significance of Ash Wednesday

4 Reasons for Fasting

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USCCB resources include an interactive calendar, printable calendars of Lenten ideas in English and Spanish, saints for the Lenten season, information on penitential practices, fasting, the Sacrament of Reconciliation and much, much more. 

Also available through the USCCB are the Lenten and Easter reflection booklet center on cultivating the gift of self. Intended for families and individuals of all ages, they invite us to pray, reflect, discuss, and respond.

Disponible en Español. 

Word on Fire ENGAGE, Free trial for Lent. You can now go beyond simple announcements and truly evangelize and catechize your parishioners with engaging and transformative videos and films from Bishop Barron.

Also available through the Word on Fire site are the Lenten gospel reflections by Bishop Barron. 

Booklets for Lent, individual or small group study.

Redeemed Online: Get a 2-3 minute daily video from a top Catholic speaker this Lent. Be a part of the biggest thing happening on Catholic social media. 

A ten-minute video, in which Fr. Mike Schmitz explains how prayer, fasting, and almsgiving are the three pillars of a spiritually fruitful Lent. He shares several simple strategies for drawing closer to God during this holy season.