In the Pew Survey

Thank you to all who participated in our parish survey back in late October 2018.  

You can view a summary of the survey responses by clicking on images on the right side of this page.  

By learning this basic information; we hope this will contribute to increasing community within St Monica.

Keep an eye out in 2019 for additional efforts for us to "Hear" from you and events to strengthen our Parish. 

We Want to Hear from YOU

St Monica "Listening" Weekend


January 18-20th 2019

before and after each Mass


The weekend sessions are designed to allow each person at St Monica to voice their ideas, ask questions, and provide suggestions on how the parish can better to serve your needs.  Based on Six Areas:


Prayer & Worship

  • Understanding and Full Participation in sacramental life of the Church
  • Opportunities for Prayer & Devotion
  • Music and Song
  • Hospitality and Community 

Faith Formation

  • Increase knowledge of core content of our Catholic faith
  • Enrich and expand understanding of Scripture and sacred Tradition
  • Foster individual discipleship of all the baptized

Social Justice 

  • Serve those in need interal and external to parish
  • Pursue Peace and justice
  • Defend life, dignity and righs of all peoples   
  • Make the Corporal Works of Mercy a staple of our faith

Community Life

  • Create evironment led by gospel values which nuture meaningful relations between youth and adults
  • Erich and strengthen family relationships
  • Develop skills for communicating and understanding diversity of cultures
  • Provide guidance as we make life decisions
  • Enable connections to support, referral and self help groups during times of loss or change

Stewardship and Development

  • Parents, who nuture thier children in the light of faith
  • Parishioners, who work to make thier parishes true communities of faith and service
  • Generous support of time, money, prayers and personal service according to thier curcumstances to all levels of the universal Church
  • Calls forth, affirms, and empowers the diverse gifts, talents, and abilities of adults and young people in our faith communities for comprehensive ministry of service


  • Proclaims Jesus Christ and the Good News so that all people will come to see in Jesus and his message a response to their hungers and a way to live
  • Witnesses to our faith in Jesus Christ in all aspects of our lives
  • Reaches out to all people by meeting them in their various life situations
  • invites all people personally into the life and mission of the Catholic community
  • Calls all people to grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Calls all people to be evangelizers of their peers, their families, and the community