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St Monica Family,

We’re excited to invite you to Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible, an eight-part study about how to understand the “big picture” of the Bible. 

Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible is one of the most popular Catholic Bible studies in the country because it explains the Bible Timeline® system, a way of reading the Bible that brings everything together and makes the complexity of the Bible simple. 

This will change the way you read the Bible forever. 

Sessions will be offered every other month over two weekends, spaced two weeks apart.  

When: Saturday's from 8 am to 12 noon


2022 Offerings

Dec 10th (Sessions 1-4) & 17th (Sessions 5-8) [Back to Back weekends]

2023 Offerings

Feb 4th (Sessions 1-4) & 18th (Sessions 5-8)
April 1st (Sessions 1-4)  & 15th (Sessions 5-8)
June 3rd (Sessions 1-4)  & 17th (Sessions 5-8)
Aug 5th (Sessions 1-4)  & 19th (Sessions 5-8)
Oct 7th (Sessions 1-4)  & 21st (Sessions 5-8)
Dec 2nd (Sessions 1-4)  & 16th (Sessions 5-8)

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