Welcome to St. Monica Catholic Church! How can we help you be informed?

We want you to feel at home here! Let us know what you need!

Welcome MinistryWant to learn more about St. Monica?

The Welcome Ministry provides information and assistance to newcomers transitioning to St. Monica as their new spiritual home. 

If you are new to the parish or have been worshiping with us and would like to register, please reach out to any Welcome Minister or Usher at the Mass.  

You are cordially invited to our:

Welcome Table in the Church Narthex after each Mass. 

Please join us for Donut Social and a brief “Meet & Greet” with fellow parishioners on the Third Sunday of each month.

We want to welcome you to our parish community, and give you a new parishioner’s packet and answer any questions you have about our church. You will have the opportunity to fill out the registration form. 

If you prefer you may register with St Monica by clicking the ParishSOFT "My Own Church" image below and creating your personal login. 


Part of ParishSOFT Family Suite, My Own Church integrates seamlessly with your Family Directory, and Offering & Pledges programs to deliver a user-friendly portal that parishioners and parish staff can access anytime, anywhere from the web.

Our parish can accept a change or registration submitted through My Own Church, and it’s instantly accessible from the programs in your ParishSOFT Family Suite. There’s no need to re-key any data into our system!

Update Family and Member Information and Set Publish Preferences

Under the My Family tab, you’ll find information about your family and each family member. Please make sure that contact information (address, emails, phone numbers, etc. are up-to-date). You can add a family member if needed.

Don’t forget to upload a family photo as well as individual member photos—these will be an added benefit for the [Your Church Name] pictorial directory!

Set your Publish preferences using the checkboxes provided to specify what general family information you wish to make visible to other St Monica families using the online pictorial directory. Publish options are available for:

Primary Phone
Primary Email
Family Photo

Remember that only church families with login credentials will have access to your family information in the My Own Church pictorial directory, and individual member information is not published.

My Own Church does not publish your information to the general public.

Note: Before any changes you made will take effect, they must be approved by a church administrator. So if you don’t see changes take place immediately, don’t worry—we’ll approve your changes soon!

You can view your giving history by clicking on the Giving History button.

Notice that you can view giving history for the whole family or look at giving by member.

It’s always a good idea to double-check our records with yours. If you have questions about your giving history or think we may have made an error, please contact Betzy at [(210) 658-3816 or betzy@saintmonicaconverse.net

Look up member information in the online pictorial directory before visiting homes and hospitals
Accept registrations and updates to member records and ministry preferences electronically
Improve the accuracy of parish census and reduce the administrative burden on parish staff
Maintain full control over member access and updates — changes to your parish database happen only with your approval
Bridge the gap between the invitation to take part in faith formation classes and ministries and the actual parishioner signup
Take full advantage of the integrated ParishSOFT Family Suite

Stay connected to what's going on in the Community! Receive important messages from St. Monica and find our about what's going on in our church.

Text "STMCC" to 84576 to automatically sign up for the Parish Flocknote.

Envía "STMCC" al 202-765-3441 para inscribirte automáticamente en la nota parroquial de Flocknote

Is my Giving History confidential in My Own Church?
Yes. Your account permits you to see the giving history only for your family and the family members in your household. You cannot see anyone else’s giving history, and they cannot see yours.

If I update my record in My Own Church, will I still need to update my information for religious education and ministries?
No. My Own Church is connected with the church’s main system. Make a change just once and, once we accept your update, it will be available to every staff member and volunteer who uses our software.

How do I keep my information private?
Your church’s pictorial directory and member lists are available only to other church families that have authorized accounts. The pictorial directory and member lists are not available publicly on the Internet.

If you wish to keep your information private from other church members, use the Publish checkboxes in your Family Detail record to set your phone, email, photo, and address as unlisted.

I made some changes to my information. Why aren’t they showing up in My Own Church?
All updates must be reviewed by our staff administrator. Once we accept your changes, you’ll see them in My Own Church, and your record in our main church database will be updated for all church ministries.

I recently created an account…why can’t I log in?
If your account is new (i.e., created within the last day or two), your church administrator may not have authorized your username and password yet.

I forgot my account login…what do I do?
Visit the site and click the Lost Password link, located just below the Username and Password fields. Enter your information to receive a reminder at the authenticated email address you provided when you first set up your account.

I got a “Registration Failed!” message…why?
The system could not find your email address in the church database. We’re sorry about that. Just contact the church office and we’ll help get you set up (and, if needed, registered).

My Own Church isn’t working in my browser. What’s the trouble?
For security reasons, My Own Church works in Internet Explorer 8.0+, Firefox 3.0+, Safari 3.0+ and Chrome 2.0+.

Do I ever need to use My Own Church again, or is this a one-time deal?
Please save your account information. Your giving history2 and ministry commitments1 are handy to have online, and if you move, get a new email, or change phone numbers, we’d like you to log in and update your record.

Plus, as our software provider adds functionality to the system, we’ll have new and convenient ways to help keep you connected with parish life through the My Own Church portal.

1 Available if your church uses ConnectNow Ministry Scheduler.
2 Available if your church uses ConnectNow Offering.